CentOS & Debian

How to Install Docker Compose

Docker Composer : Docker Composer is basically used to run multiple containers as a single service. Compose provide a relationship between multiple containers.  If we want to run multiple containers with a single service, what is the solution for this? Yes! Docker composer is …

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How to Install Jenkins On CentOS 8

Jenkins is an opensource tool which helps to DevOps to run their software development which relates to their Testing, Building and Deployment. Jenkins is server based mechanism which can be run on Nginx, Apache, IIS etc. Today in this post, I am going to …

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How to Install Moodle LMS On CentOS 8

Hello Friends, today in this post we are going to learn how to install Moodle On CentOS 8. Moodle program is written in PHP language and it is an Open Source Learning Management System. What is Moodle ? Moodle is Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning …

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