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Main advantages of this theme builder:

  • Drag & Drop Editor. Elementor Pro has the fastest, most intuitive editor in WordPress. Simply drag, drop, and customize.
  • 300+ Designer Made Templates. Choose from over 300 beautifully crafted templates, designed to fit every industry and need.
  • 90+ Widgets. Choose from dozens of widgets to create any content you need: buttons, headlines, forms, etc. You can do anything.
  • Responsive Editing. Switch to mobile view, and tweak every element to make it look perfect on any device.
  • Popup Builder. Popup Builder gives you the freedom to create pixel-perfect popups, including advanced targeting options.
  • Theme Builder. Use Elementor’s industry-leading Theme Builder to edit every part of your site without code.
  • WooCommerce Builder. Take control over your WooCommerce online store by utilizing the power of Elementor Pro.
  • Navigator. Navigate between all page elements or layers, quickly glance at custom changes and easily access them via indicators.
  • Hotkeys. Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that save you time when performing various actions.
  • Auto Save. No more need to click save. Your work is continuously saved and backed up automatically.
  • In-line Editing. Use the in-line editing feature to type directly on-screen, and make blog post and content writing an easy and intuitive process.
  • CSS Filters. Using CSS filters, you can play around with the image settings and add amazing effects.
  • One-Page Websites. Create a one-page website that includes click-to-scroll navigation, as well as all the needed sections of a website.
  • Landing Pages. Creating and managing landing pages has never been this easy, all within your current WordPress website.
  • TypeKit Integration. Add your own custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects.
  • Drop Cap. Make the first letter of your blog post larger, to create a stylish and distinguished look.
  • Woo Products Widget. Display your WooCommerce products and filter the exact products you want to display.
  • Woo Add To Cart Widget. Create a product page that includes an actionable Add to Cart button.
  • MailChimp. Easily integrate into MailChimp and get your visitors added to your lists.
  • ActiveCampaign. Easily integrate into ActiveCampaign and get your visitors added to your lists.
  • Adobe TypeKit. Add your Adobe TypeKit key and get all your favorite fonts in Elementor Pro.
  • Discord. Integrate your Discord server with form submissions.
  • ReCaptcha V3. Add a security verification field service to your forms, to make sure your visitors are legit without user friction.
  • Facebook SDK. Integrate to the Facebook SDK and manage the Facebook comments that you receive as an admin.

Is the PRO Templates and Kit Library available?​

Yes, after installing the pro-version you have access to Pro templates library (blocks), as well as Kit Library. Each PRO kit from Kit Library includes a complete set of headers, footers, content of regular and archive pages, global design settings (color, typography, etc.). So you can create a complete site with the necessary content and design in just a couple of clicks!

In order to import a kit into your Kit Library, go to Elementor – Tools – Import/Export Kit, then click Start Import and select the zip file from the Kit Library folder, which you will find inside the archive with the plugin.

After importing the selected kit you get a fully populated pages and content site with customized design and functionality.

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