Infinix Note 40 Pro: A Sneak Peek into Specifications and Features

Infinix Note 40 Pro is reaching new heights as it continues to make appearances on various certification platforms, revealing intriguing details about its specifications and features. Recently spotted on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website, the handset, codenamed model X6850, is expected to boast a 12GB RAM and 256GB inbuilt storage variant. This revelation, coupled with other leaked specifications, paints an exciting picture of what the Infinix Note 40 Pro has in store for users.

Detailed Specifications

According to a report from Gizmochina, the Infinix Note 40 Pro is likely to feature a 12GB RAM and 256GB inbuilt storage variant, though the possibility of additional configurations cannot be ruled out. The device is anticipated to support 70W wired fast charging, ensuring quick and efficient power replenishment, complemented by 5W wireless charging capabilities. Moreover, the smartphone might make a style statement with its Vintage Green colorway, adding a touch of elegance to its aesthetics.

Connectivity and Processing Power

The alleged FCC listing suggests that the Infinix Note 40 Pro will support 4G connectivity, indicating that it may not be 5G-enabled. This aligns with earlier reports hinting at the utilization of the 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, a powerful processor that, unfortunately, lacks support for 5G connectivity. While 5G enthusiasts might be disappointed, the Infinix Note 40 Pro still promises a seamless and efficient mobile experience with its impressive specifications.

Dimensions and Design

The FCC listing provides a sneak peek into the physical dimensions of the Infinix Note 40 Pro, measuring 165mm x 76mm x 8mm. These dimensions suggest a sleek and compact design, ensuring a comfortable grip while maintaining a modern and stylish appearance. The handset is poised to be a fusion of performance and aesthetics, catering to the diverse preferences of smartphone users.


As the Infinix Note 40 Pro continues to make waves across certification platforms, the leaks and speculations paint a promising picture of a smartphone that combines robust performance with eye-catching design elements. While the absence of 5G support may be a point of consideration for some users, the device’s overall features, including its substantial RAM, generous storage capacity, and impressive charging capabilities, make it a compelling option in the competitive smartphone market. As the official unveiling approaches, users can eagerly anticipate getting their hands on the Infinix Note 40 Pro to experience firsthand the culmination of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design.

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