wpDataTables – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress 5.8.1

wpDataTables is a robust WordPress plugin designed for managing responsive tables, spreadsheets, and charts effortlessly.

It has gained the trust of more than 21,000 companies and individuals who rely on it for handling diverse data types, including financial, scientific, statistical, and commercial data.

wpDataTables - Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress
wpDataTables – Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

With wpDataTables, you can create responsive tables and charts in WordPress, ensuring they adapt flawlessly to various device types. You can even resize your browser window to witness the responsive design in action. The plugin also offers dynamic features, such as highlighting cells in the Price column based on revenue, and it allows you to create responsive WordPress tables and charts.

Creating tables and charts in WordPress is straightforward, following these three basic steps:

  • Data Input: You can upload files, paste MySQL queries, provide URLs, or manually input data.
  • Configuration: Tailor your tables with options like responsiveness, editability, and conditional formatting to meet your specific needs.
  • Publication: Once you’re satisfied with your table, effortlessly insert it into a post or page using the standard WP Editor or Visual Composer.

wpDataTables’ main features include:

  • Responsive Design: Tables created with wpDataTables are natively responsive, ensuring they display correctly on any device.
  • Efficient Handling: The plugin excels even with large tables, efficiently managing datasets containing millions of rows by leveraging MySQL server capabilities.
  • Advanced Filters and Search: Create customized filters to quickly refine your table results.
  • Editability: Make your tables editable, allowing WordPress users to modify content directly or through generated forms.
  • Conditional Formatting: Highlight cells, rows, or columns based on their content, similar to Excel’s Conditional Formatting.
  • Dynamic Charts: Each WordPress table serves as a data source for creating real-time charts using three powerful rendering engines.

Experience the convenience and power of wpDataTables for WordPress, and streamline your data management tasks effortlessly.

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