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ChromeDriver: Staying on the cutting edge of ChromeDriver versions is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your Chrome browser. In this guide, we provide an overview of recent ChromeDriver releases, detailing each version’s compatibility with specific Chrome browser versions and highlighting key issue resolutions.

Whether you’re a developer or an IT professional, understanding the nuances of ChromeDriver versions is essential for a seamless browsing experience.

Current Releases

ChromeDriver 114.0.5735.90

ChromeDriver 114.0.5735.16

ChromeDriver 113.0.5672.63

  • Supports Chrome version 113.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 4205: Same object ids in Classic and BiDi
    • Issue 4302: Don’t assume that Mapper is in the first tab in ExecuteGetWindowHandles
    • Issue 4356: Chrome 110 not utilizing pref value “download.default_directory”
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 113.0.5672.63
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 113.0.5672.24

ChromeDriver 112.0.5615.49

  • Supports Chrome version 112.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 3517: Enable print feature for non-headless
    • Issue 4419: Large overhead on Speedometer when using chromedriver
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 112.0.5615.49
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 112.0.5615.28

ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.64

  • Supports Chrome version 111.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 4216: Run ChromeDriver with custom BiDiMapper
    • Issue 4300: The window handle is interoperable between Classic and BiDi
    • Issue 4325: Handling of toJSON in jsonSerialize of call_function.js deviates from the standard
    • Issue 4330: DCHECK fails at DevToolsClientImpl::AddListener
    • Issue 4357: ChromeDriver session issue with –headless and –user-data-dir options
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.64
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.41

ChromeDriver 111.0.5563.19

ChromeDriver 110.0.5481.77

  • Supports Chrome version 110.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 4193: Failed to start new session on Android 13
    • Issue 4272: WebSocket should treat code=0 as an indication of FIN
    • Issue 4276: Fix connectivity issues in ChromeDriver
    • Issue 4295: ChromeDriver with “webSocketUrl”: true is racy
    • Issue 4297: ChromeDriver Bidi serializes incorrectly
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 110.0.5481.77
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 110.0.5481.30

ChromeDriver 109.0.5414.74

  • Supports Chrome version 109.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 4179: BiDi session must support multiple connections
    • Issue 4203: Improve credits information
    • Issue 4263: Crash on Meta+A
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 109.0.5414.74
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 109.0.5414.25

ChromeDriver 108.0.5359.71

ChromeDriver 108.0.5359.22

  • Supports Chrome version 108.
  • Resolved issues:
    • Issue 4204: Fix the failing WPT test_top_level_and_one_child
    • Issue 4215: Rename chromedriver_mac64_m1 build to chromedriver_mac_arm64
    • Issue 4221: Crash when a click command closes the browser
  • Download Link: Download ChromeDriver 108.0.5359.22
  • Release Notes for detailed information.

ChromeDriver 107.0.5304.62


Staying informed about the latest ChromeDriver releases is pivotal for developers and IT professionals seeking optimal browser automation. Refer to the provided release notes for each version to make informed decisions based on your specific needs and compatibility requirements. Keep your browsing experience seamless and efficient with the right ChromeDriver version for your Chrome browser.

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